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Engaged and getting married abroad – in the event that you or your lover are a citizen( that is irish)


You should realise that the legal validity of your marriage is governed, in part, by the laws of the country in which you plan to marry if you or your partner are an Irish citizen(s) and are thinking of getting married outside of Ireland . The legal formalities abroad are very different to those in Ireland in most, if not all cases. As an example, a church wedding abroad is normally a solely spiritual ceremony without any appropriate effect . It takes place, it cannot be regarded as a legal marriage in Ireland because it is not recognised in law in the country in which. This is actually the instance despite the fact that a wedding within the church that is same denomination in Ireland could be legitimately binding.

It is crucial, consequently, which you be sure to meet most of the appropriate needs of this nation you might be marrying in. You need to contact the registration that is civil for the reason that nation to discover what exactly is needed.

Registration of marriages abroad

Marriages of Irish residents abroad are registered within the nation where they happen. The typical enter workplace doesn’t have function in advising on or perhaps the registering of marriages of Irish residents that occur abroad. Marriages that take accepted destination away from State aren’t generally registered in Ireland.

Your marriage that is foreign certificate frequently be accepted for official purposes in Ireland where you need certainly to show proof that you’re hitched. Continue reading