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If university students have the ability to live using their families, there are both positives and negatives.

Advantage/Disadvantage Essay – Topic: Students

Many university students live due to their families, while others live out of the house because their universities have been in different places. Which are the advantages and disadvantages of both situations?

Essay Plan:

? Introduction: make reference to the statement. Suggest that you can find advantages and disadvantages.

? Paragraph 2: living with families (1) advantage – economize on accommodation (2) advantage – enjoy family support: meals, heating costs, room-sharing (3) disadvantage – too many distractions may harm studies

? Paragraph 3: (1) disadvantage – high cost of accommodation (2) advantage – easier to make study routines also to interact with fellow students.

? Conclusion: personal circumstances differ, but we are able to identify advantages and disadvantages of both situations.

Model Essay:

It is true that, however some university students have the ability to live using their families while studying in their home town, others are obligated to live out of the house to be able to pursue their studies. You will find advantages and disadvantages of both these situations.

Firstly, one major advantage is since they do not have to pay for accommodation that they are able to economizedisruptive for students that have to concentrate on their studies in a atmosphere that is quiet. Without a dedicated space for which to study, for instance within the evenings or at weekends, it really is hard to keep up with a study schedule.

On the other hand check the site, when students live away from home, in addition they face challenges. One disadvantage is having to find accommodation. Universities tend to be located in major urban centres, where rents are high if students need to find a room with even the facilities that are basic. Continue reading