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A Tokyoite reassesses her view of Japan: no country that is safe international females

I’ve lived in Japan off and on for quite a while, and I’ve always felt safe back at my bike right right right here, especially as I usually see young and women that are old biking after all hours regarding the night. But after a meeting a couple weeks ago, I feel just as if this false feeling of protection was stripped away.

Cycling house at 8:30 p.m. on a well-lit road in Tokyo, I sensed another biker by my side, and so I slowed up to let him pass.

At that time he instantly cut over, trapped me against a parked car and grabbed my tire.He started yelling at me personally in Japanese, but the one thing i possibly could demonstrably realize was “You took this bike!” we insisted that I experienced maybe not and attempted to distance themself, nevertheless the guy had been strong and continued yanking on my bicycle. I got myself it from the store brand-new, it wasn’t stolen so I knew. In addition didn’t think it was my bicycle he wanted.

We yelled, both in English and Japanese, “assist! Phone law enforcement!” Lots of people observed the fracas but did absolutely nothing to assist. He pulled me personally across a road filled with traffic, shortly blocking cars, but everyone just did actually ignore it.

It felt like hours of struggling, however a new girl on a bike appeared. Right now i need to have had rips streaming down my face and my sound had been very nearly gone. She thought to me personally calmly: “ this man is known by me. You stole this bike. I’m calling law enforcement.”

Had been this guy and also this woman working together? Or had been it simply therefore believable that the foreigner may have taken the bicycle that she instinctively thought him? Continue reading