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Our company is gathered here right now to commemorate certainly one of life’s best moments, the joining of two hearts

Starting Words and Introduction 20

In this ceremony we will witness the joining of BRIDE and GROOM in marriage today.

Today we’ve get together to witness the joining among these two life.

The extraordinary has happened for them, out of the routine of ordinary life.

They came across one another, dropped in love and are also finalizing it making use of their wedding today.

Opening Words and Introduction 21

Away from affection and honor for groom and bride, we have been here before God, to witness their vows, which will unite them in marriage today.

For this minute they bring the fullness of the hearts as being a treasure to generally share with each other.

They bring the spark and character which will be uniquely their, and away from which includes grown for a while, and can continue steadily to grow, deepen, and strengthen, the reality that is precious of life together.

We share joy using them this day that is special their life.

This they affirm and declare each other as life partners in a celebration of love, which will bring empowerment to their life’s path together day.

Why don’t we all give our love and blessing to groom and bride in this ceremony while they pledge their want to the other person. Continue reading