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Warning, it’s going to get a little blue in this post if you can’t tell by the title of the post.

Just about everybody has heard the track, “Birds get it done, Bees Do It” but maybe you have every actually seriously considered what sort of bird fits tab A into slot B? Let’s glance at the gear.

Many wild wild birds lack a penis. Most wild wild wild birds have small swelling called a cloaca. Through the reproduction period whenever hormones are flowing the cloaca swells and wild wild wild birds will get a protuberance that is cloacal.

Above, a bird bander blows on a Tufted Titmouse stomach and note the location below the bare patch–that’s a cloaca. Both sexes have the cloaca, so for some birds intercourse literally is mostly about bumping uglies. They don’t have lengthy sex durations, but fast 1 to 3 second copulations that may take place a huge selection of times each day. With wild wild birds, it is generally speaking perhaps not about quality, it is about amount.

But, for the species that are few things gets…weird. For instance, the Buffalo that is red-billed Weaver a pseudo-penis, nearly a cloaca, not exactly a penis. He’ll rub this resistant to the female’s genitalia for 10 to 20 seconds and also this is expected to boost the probabilities that their semen will always be.

Cassowary picture by Bjшrn Christian Tшrrissen via Wikipedia. Beneath that comical outside lies a super freak of Rick James proportions.

Cassowaries provide the Buffalo Weaver a run for their cash as both sexes have actually a clitoris and penis. Nevertheless the freakiness doesn’t end there. Both male and birds that are female a phallus however it’s not connected to reproductive muscle in either bird. As soon as the male Cassowary inserts exactly exactly just what appears like a penis to the female, the semen ejaculates from the cloaca through the base, maybe not the end. Continue reading