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Dave really wants to help you save from high priced overdraft costs

Meet Dave: an AI decked out in a bearsuit that is just launched to save lots of you against the evils of costly overdraft costs. Hand Dave usage of your bank checking account plus the app’s machine learning algorithms gets busy crunching your spending information and so the bear can alert you about pending deals — like a month-to-month membership for Netflix or your typical Saturday evening Uber bill — which could push you in to the red and incur a bank penalty that is expensive.

The app that is US-only a user’s “7 Day Low”, aka the lowest it believes your bank stability will drop next 7 days, so that you can encourage and help better money administration. The ultimate aim being to aid individuals avoid being forced to fall straight back on the overdraft as “an costly kind of credit”, states co-founder Jason Wilk, explaining it as sort of “weather forecast” for money management.

Dave also incorporates a pay day loan facility — therefore users whom face the inevitability of experiencing to dip into a balance that is negative choose to borrow as much as $250 in front of their next paycheck to see them through. But unlike pay day loan businesses (such as for instance Wonga), that also provide a temporary borrowing facility to mobile users but typically charge high interest rates, Dave’s pay day loans are 0% interest.

Wilk informs TechCrunch it will likewise just be asking users to pay it back once they can.

“We’re not tying this up to a timeframe. Unlike the cash advance. All we’re saying will be users pay us straight back once you have the projected income come it,” he claims.

If all this work is sounding too good to be true there could be reason for that: Dave hopes you’ll be therefore thankful regarding the solution its device learning algorithms are performing for your investing habits that you’ll provide a contribution as soon as the bear wants a tip — although this can be additionally completely voluntary. Continue reading