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Whenever Divorce Had Been From The Dining Dining Table, English Partners Dissolved Their Marriages With Alcohol

The training of “wife-selling” wasn’t legal, however a drink signaled freedom from the relationship which had soured.

On June 2, 1828, in the George and Dragon pub in Tonbridge, England, John Savage paid George Skinner one shilling and a cooking pot of alcohol for their spouse, Mary. George ordered their beer, and John left with Mary. The set held arms because they went along to begin their life that is new together.

This isn’t a scene that is unusual. Through the eighteenth and centuries that are 19th English wives had been “sold” for a number of re re re payments. Rates varied—“as low as a bullpup and one fourth of rum” all of the method to “forty British pounds and a supper,” the North-Eastern frequent Gazette reported in 1887.

Fifty per cent of a gallon had been the sale that is total for the 26-year-old referred to as Mrs. Wells, bought by way of a Mr. Clayton in 1876, as reported by The Sheffield frequent Telegraph. Clayton approached Mr. Wells, professed their love when it comes to wife that is man’s and asked if he could marry her. Wells shrugged—for the final couple of years, his spouse had resided with Clayton, in which he didn’t care exactly just what she did anymore. He told Clayton he could have her “for nowt” (or “nothing”), but Clayton insisted he name his price—he did n’t need her “so inexpensively.” Wells countered having a half-gallon (four pints) of alcohol, therefore the three of these went down towards the pub. Continue reading