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How exactly to Utilize Groups in Nicepage Internet Site Builder To Style Responsive Web Web Sites

Within the Modern website design you will find usually 2 kinds of pages: long-read articles and website pages.

In the event that you read a lengthy text, for instance: news, article, or other long-read content, that always takes the complete sheet width and height, it is a write-up.

Exactly what are web pages?. Unlike articles, the writing in webpages never ever takes the entire sheet width, stretching for 50% of the sheet or even less. Such texts are utilized in house pages, landing pages, one-page designs, marketing and information pages. In this demo we shall mention this kind, website pages.

Why to utilize Teams (Containers)?

Groupping Elements. When you look at the contemporary designs, because the text in parts or pages just isn’t dropped somehow, it will be the practice that is common combine or to cluster texts and graphic elements. In Nicepage HTML Website Builder Groups are often used for that.

Using Rows. If there are many teams in a row, then the Grid with cells is employed. View the demo regarding the Responsive Modes to see just how to utilize grids. If you have only 1 team, we suggest to utilize the Group alternatively associated with the Grid.

What is the Group wix? Continue reading